Accelerating diversity and inclusion initiatives for socially responsible organizations.


Businesses everywhere are seeing ROI in three key areas.

  1. Increased Market Share/Brand Loyalty: Hispanic, Asian, LGBT, physically/neurologically challenged, and many other communities are looking for companies embracing and valuing D&I. Companies adopting these are increasing their overall market share with a wider variety of consumers and winning their long-term loyalty.

  2. Increased Employee Pride: Involving your ERGs in your D&I initiatives does more than help establish you as an industry leader. Because they've played a part in the process, everyone becomes more invested in the future of your organization. It brings a sense of ownership and pride in their work. And with that comes increased dedication, improved productivity, and higher retention. It's a win for everyone!

  3. Social Responsibility: It demonstrates your belief in the talent and potential of everyone regardless of background or ability. It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s the right thing to do for your business!


INCompass Diversity is a one of a kind marketing firm with the mission of accelerating diversity and inclusion initiatives for socially responsible organizations. By creating multimedia campaigns based on your current diversity initiatives, we communicate and encourage rapid adoption of your D&I efforts from all levels of your employee base. INCompass Diversity also facilitates town hall meetings and hacks with the area's leaders in employment diversity to encourage a better understanding and accelerated adoption of your efforts to become a more well-rounded and successful organization.

INCompass Diversity
Seattle, WA
P: 425.501.9725


Strategic Planning

Working with your HR and executive teams and leveraging your ERGs/IRGs, we'll design a communication and education plan based on your existing D&I initiative.

Workshops/Town Halls

Our facilitated workshops and town hall meetings are led by a panel of industry thought leaders and designed to help your organization understand both the business growth opportunities and personal potential of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Photo/Video Stories

These high impact multimedia pieces describe the challenges and successes of your own individual contributors and managers as they pertain to creating a diverse and inclusive work culture.


These easy to read informational graphics provide a variety of D&I metrics for your organization, industry, and other applicable areas for display and distribution.


Monthly updates and progress reports about your D&I initiative, informative articles, and information about internal and community diversity events.

Extended Support

True diversity and integration efforts have a beginning but no middle or end. It takes have a true and long lasting for your business and it's long term success. We offer quarterly checkins to update and refresh your ongoing efforts and current needs.


"Usually, when working with an artist they have a vision and stick with it. This is not the case with Charlie Cotugno. Charlie opened up his artistic eye to capture the life stories of our women veterans and military spouses. His willingness to partner in our organization's efforts made a world of difference in our ability to tell our stories through his artistic lens. Charlie has a high standard of professionalism and customer courtesy that surpasses anyone we have seen. We look forward to future projects with Charlie and trust him implicitly with telling our stories of military transition."


Founder/CEO, Redefining Your Future
“I’ve worked with Charles Cotugno for the past decade on a variety of projects. Charlie has a great eye, is a professional in every respect, meets deadlines and always strives to exceed client expectations. He takes great pride in his work. I would recommend him HIGHLY.”


Founder/CEO, Pinpoint Strategic Communications
“We’ve used Charlie’s services because of the excellent results we see year after year. He provides the essential tools for capturing the essence of diversity and inclusion throughout our workplace. It’s key to presenting us as a leader in this space and encourages other like-minded, socially aware organizations to embark on similar initiatives.”


Director or Programs & Development, Skills, Inc.


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Diverse City is a diversity and equity consulting firm offering its clients a solutions-oriented approach to helping companies assess, and solve issues of growth and development in the areas of diversity and equity.

We specialize in helping companies attract talent from under-represented gender, race and ethnically diverse communities to drive innovation, teamwork, and bottom-line results.